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Entertainment & media  for Independent Artists 

 Escape, engage, and heal! At Dandelions of Courage Entertainment (DOC Entertainment), we believe in the power of media and marketing to provide an emotional escape. But that's not all we do! Our company also specializes in  live music, radio broadcasting & podcasting/vloggers. We know that everyone wants to feel important and have their voices heard. That's why we're here to help you share your stories.   

Dedicated to creating inspirational experiences that turn visions into reality, our agency expands its global network by establishing solid and loyal relations with reputable international partners.

These alliances allow companies to share their shine and take their brand to the next level. Our entertainment and media center believes in the power of authenticity to emotionally transform lives. We create a unique signature that makes us stand out from the competition   

At DOC Entertainment, we're all about unlocking the potential of independent artists. Our music management and promotional tools can help you expand your brand, showcase your artistry, and find marketing solutions to break into the mainstream.

We take pride in our freedom to tap into originality, creative imagination, and personal expression. Contact our entertainment and media center today to see how we can help you on your journey.

Remember, "build a stage and people will come.