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Vegan Vampires From ZorG 

Exclusive interview with legendary Wolfy Foxlow & journalist Wanda Ryan

Q.  You had an integral part in the film and you saying allegedly your drink was spiked what actually happened when you had guns pointed out your head and thrown off the aeroplane on the way to the shoot?

A.  A certain so-called actress was aware that I knew to much about her alleged dark web activity and wanted me out of the game.  I was on first class to LAX and started to feel trippy, I’m sure my drink was tampered with because of my trippy behaviour I got arrested on the Chicago switchover, put into jail for 12 hours before being deported leaving me obsolete and extricated from the vampire film I finally got to tell my story in the documentary version and after legal struggles was allowed back into California where I linked up with John Otway, Fuzzbox and the rest of the team.        


Q. You star alongside Steve Jones and a legend John Otway who all got involved because of the fascination with vinyl and the art of making a short horror film. What is it like starring alongside such luminaries?

 A. Absolutely amazing! And I met the Murder Junkies team one of my favourite horror bands. 

The experience was absolutely crazy.. remember dark forces were at work with allegedly Joanna Bellybutton, munchkin man and an alleged train crash killer from the valleys of Wales utilizing the budget for sick purposes its all in the movie!      


Q.  Tell us more of your altercation with Joanne Bellybutton?

A.  She allegedly wanted others to get involved in her sicko spinoff of the innocent comedy horror film, ask Simon from the fall? He got an indecent proposal and walked away, he tells a tale of whips and chains when he had to act as her taxi driver …that is one dark diva of dreadful portions.    


Q.  You made a scene with Wishbone Ash at the airport, tell us more about your experience?

A.  I Was honoured to do the scene with them, and it shows myself and others with our heads on fire.  I think we were spiked with angel dust but trust me she’s no angel… but its great that the true actors got to tell the dramatic tale of how a film could go horribly wrong.   


Thank you for taking the time for this interview Wolfy, your awesome in the film!

Courtesy of Fried Bananas and Bad Influence 

Features instrumental of Heterochmia featuring Melanie Williams and Peter Hook with Wolfy Foxlow in a rough cut from the Vegan Vampires epic! 

Stroking Walls video ft.Wolfy Foxlow & Wired Squire