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Pop ; Operă ( Soprană) ; Rock, Folk, Musical

Ariana Raisa Andra Dinu (Raisandra) - lyrical artistic at the Bucharest National Opera, pop & jazz singer and professional model from Bucharest, Romania


Raisandra - ( 12 ani ) cover Broken Vow



Raisandra - Dinu Ariana Raisa Andra ( 12 ani ) - Hora din Moldova-cover

In pandemie, cantam in sufragerie . Mai, 2020, Bucuresti


YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClE4v-iHfraC9MWOG5g5GsA?sub_confirmation=1

 Lyrical art at the Bucharest National Opera
 Music vocalist: Pop, Blues & Jazz
 International professional model
Date of birth: 31.08.2007
Nationality: Romanian
Home: Bucharest, Romania

Education and training:

Year VI of study at the piano class within the School of Arts,
no. 4 in Bucharest;
Student in the 6th grade, at the Jean Monnet High School, in Bucharest;
Model at Kids Model Academy

9 years of singing lessons

Member of the Children's Choir of the Bucharest National Opera
Soloist - "Mix & Match" Band Ariana Raisa Andra Dinu
Stage name: Raisandra

Raisandra 12 y Gala Festivalului Angel Voice 2019
Belgrade International Festival- Angel Voice, 25-30 september, 2019, Serbia

Raisandra ( 11 ani ) -Dinu Ariana Raisa Andra .Concursul WCOPA 2019, Los Angeles USA
World Champion, Raisandra being nominated as the best singer in the world in the contemporary music section, category 11-15 years, gold medal in contemporary music, gold and bronze medals in piano, silver medal in country music, two gold and two bronze medals in modeling.


Raisandra - Dinu Ariana Raisa Andra (11 years old) - PLATINA TROPHY : International Golden Bear Festival, XXXV! Edition, Baia Mare, 2019
The Girl in 14G

Raisandra 12 y/o - Junior Angel Voice Grand Prix 2019, the song SUUS

More Credits and Accomplishments

Ø  Bronze Medal - The Best Model Of Europe 2019 (September 1 - 7, 2019) - Lloret de Mar - Spain- Gold Medal (Best MODEL in Europe) - The Best Model Of Europe 2019 (September 1 - 7, 2019) - Lloret de Mar – Spain

World Championships in the Performing Arts July 12 - 21, 2019 Hollywood California :

Ø  Champion of the World 2019 Plateau - Division Winner

Ø  Contemporary Vocal Gold
Medal - Solo Instrument Gold Medal (11-12 years)

Ø  Gold Modeling Pageant
Medal - Gold Modeling Swimwear Medal

Ø  Silver Medal Modeling Formal

Ø  Silver Medal Modeling Photo

Ø  Bronze Medal Open Instrument

Ø  Vocal Country & Western Bronze Medal

Ø  PLATINUM Trophy - International Festival of Interpretation "Golden Bear" - XXXVI edition - Baia Mare - 28.06.2019

Ø  Prize - II - Intermezzo Spring Festival, VII edition of 2019, Bucharest, category V-VIII classes (13.04.2019)

Ø  Prize - I - International Festival of Music and Dance "Silver Snowdrop" (Silver Snowdrop) 21st Edition - Arad (4-6.04.2019)

Ø  Prize - I - Small Group - The Stars of Europe - Duet - Dinu Ariana Raisa Andra Dinu & Răducanu Maria Cristina - The "Silver Snowdrop" International Music and Dance Festival (Silver Snowdrop) 21st Edition - Arad (4-6.04.2019)

Ø  Prize - I - "On the Wings of Music" Festival a - III - a - 16.03.2019

Ø  "MISS GALAXY" - "Little Miss & Mister World United Romania" - 09.03.2019

Ø  Prize - l - International Festival Pristina Kids Fest - Prishtina - Kosovo 2018 (28.10.2018)

Ø  Section Music - Silver Medal - World Championships of Performing Arts - July 6 - 15, 2018,Los Angeles, USA

5th edition, June 1, 2018, Craiova;

Ø  Participation as an interpreter at the Cannes Film Festival on May 19, 2018;

Ø  1st prize at the National Competition for Instrumental Interpretation of Sound, piano section, 6 May 2018, Bucharest;

Ø  Best Singer and Grand Prix Best Talent 2018 at the International Rising Stars competition in Georgia, Tbilisi, February 2018;

Ø  1st prize in the category 10-12 years at the Festival On the Wings of Music, 2nd edition, March 17, 2018, Baicoi, Prahova;

Ø  GREAT PRIZE at the International Miss Beauty Global Beauty Contest on November 4, 2018,
Since 2017, Raisa is part of the Children's Choir of the Bucharest National Opera, where she is a soloist. 


Ø  Currently - Raisandra- the new stage name chosen by the Italians, is working on a musical project composed by a production team from Italy and the USA, the CD with the songs composed for her in Italian and English will be sold in Italy and America. ProTv, TVr 1, Tvr 2, Antenna 1, TVH, TVM, Tvr Iasi, V6, Estrada Tv, Giga TV, Neptun TV, Mangalia TV, Antenna 3, Nasul Tv, Antena Stars and in Italy at RAI, CTV.





Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andra_dinu_raisa/?fbclid=IwAR25ZG_05TqvAfwfMJjI-YQHNwZIyc5XVqECROUVujPeQzDwGu3mWZCYm4E

Official Page https://m.me/RaisandraOfficial?fbclid=IwAR1XXEnrU4yDviiTK2CDPaGepRG5C-O2agDeFRBWxtLN5RbGn2FoR7GaSV0

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClE4v-iHfraC9MWOG5g5GsA