Singer, Songwriter, Humanitarian

Rock, Pop, Country & Folk Music


Jadyn Rylee is an inspiring young artist who is very well known for her amazing voice and widely known for her eponymous Jadyn Rylee YouTube channel with over 300 thousand subscribers. 


Jadyn has earned more than 42 million views for her vocal covers of popular songs such as "Nothing Else Matters" "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel and "Dream On" by Aerosmith.    In addition, Jadyn Rylee has recorded a number of her original songs which earned her more than 20 million views. 


Jadyn has a great passion for helping others; she expresses her concerns in humanity and social issues in her music (child trafficking, ant-bullying and mental health). Her ant-bullying campaign is hash tag Jadynsarmy, spreading the love and kindness should be contagious which has made a significant impact with others of hope and inspirations. 


Jadyn attended Nashville TN, in November 2016 to record 4 songs for the Television Show ''Nashville Spotlight”.  Two of the songs were used for their Christmas special and another two were used for regular non-themed shows.  Nashville Spotlight - November 5th, 2016 “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas youtu.be/-B0hO5yv0-U 


In May 2017  Jadyn was successful in becoming one of the new group members of the music group MiniPopKids owned by KTel where she spent the past few months learning how to participate in a group setting while travelling on a live tour across Ontario and out West with nine other kids. As a part of the MiniPopKids, she gained experience in music recording, music videos, television commercials, and live show choreography and stage performances. 


ONLY HUMAN Mashup for Mental Health/Mental Illness - Jadyn Rylee Published on Jan 11, 2019 youtu.be/r7L4jpaBfCo 


Jadyn was awarded the 2018 Artist of the year in January 2018 by The MOB Radio, an internet-based radio station that features new artists.  


In 2019, Jadyn Rylee was the honorarium of the ''Josie'' award in Nashville TN for the second year in a row and performed live on stage with legendary artists.


Jadyn was also casted in a movie role with Sean Penn which was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the summer of 2019 where we are all very excited to see Jadyn's first movie debut on the big screen.